Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sangre En Mis Zapatos - Mago USA VHS Video

Sangre-En-Mis-ZapatosSangre En Mis Zapatos - ( blood on my shoes ) 1983 USA VHS Mago
USA Spanish Language VHS Release by Mago Home Video of Jess Franco ( jesus franco) infamous thriller from Spain. Pic is of Mago video cover.
Stars: Lina Romay Antonio Mayans Directed by: Jess Franco. Also stars Howard Vernon and Juan
Soler. This is the second of two Jess Franco films release by Mago Home video in the US to the Spanish market. The other is listed in the previous post Sola Ante El Terror. Both are Mundial films from Spain with Lina Romay and Antonio Mayans in the lead roles. This video release is in Spanish language only, without subtitles. The video cover design stays true to the original poster art for the film.
Synopsis: Espionage Thriller -- Several International spy's mistakenly believe the Paquita a cabaret singer is a spy who is planning to meet a German scientist who has escaped from Russia.
Overall a poor blend of thriller and horror genres. Not Jess Franco's strongest work by any means. Lacks his distinct production style from earlier work with just the slow-pace and confusing dialouge left to fast forward through. The picture quality on this release is sufficient but by no means as good as the average Mago Home Video.

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