Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie House Masscre 80's Indie YOUTUBE TRAILER

80's Blood Theater aka Movie House Massacre

 Here's a real sleazy cover design from 80's indie z-grade horror film MOVIE HOUSE MASSACRE. ( Blood Theater ) An infamously bad attempt at a horror film.
However, after scrapping the bottom of the VHS RENTAL barrel I can tell you that they're are a lot worse. I still like the close-cropped pic of a wide-eyed female victim here. 
Blood Theater... Where Butter Isn't The Only Thing Dripping On The Popcorn!

GORE GORE GIRLS Herschell Gordon Lewis Midnight Video VHS

Check out the this nice big scan of the  front and back of this crazy big box horror movie cover art! The illustration says it all. 

Turn the box over and you'll see that the advertising on this one doesn't lie! A real rarity when it came to horror movie posters and art. Gotta love the design and logo of the Midnight Video Horror releases from the 80's. The Girly Show Banner is a great mix next to the ridiculously straight forward illustration. Which doesn't leave much to the imagination. One of the best Midnight Video Original covers. SEE Previous Post for more on GORE GORE GIRLS! 

Midnight Video VHS Horror Movie GORE-GORE GIRLS

So, I thought I would post some more photos from my old horror video collection.
Haven't had much feedback or comments on these posts. But judging by the youtube videos I've seen there are a ton of people new and old collecting these horror big box videos.

Well, here is one of my favorite MIDNIGHT VIDEO covers. A big box release of Herschell Gordon Lewis's  GORE GORE GIRLS.  I'll post the front cover after this.
Thought the spine design on this one really works. Love the Skeleton in Top Hat Icon for the spine. This is a really hard one to find... especially in this condition.
Most of these big box cover art where chopped up and trimmed down by video stores to fit blockbuster style rental cases.

I'm not a big fan of Gordon Lewis films by any means. I'm way more into thriller horror than chop'em up grindhouse gore splatter. But if that's what you are into. This is a must see!Tons of gore and freaky camera work. Total  Z-grade filmmaking here.

I'll come back with some more choice big box horror video cover art in the next couple of days. Glad to see others are appreciating it as much as I do.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

CONTRABAND Luca Il Contrabbandiere MOGUL Orig US VHS

Infamous Italian horror master Lucio Fulci takes on the police crime action drama.
This is the Original US Release of Luca Il Contrabbandiere aka The Smuggler aka Naples Connection popularly known now on DVD as CONTRABAND.
English Dubbed, Uncut and Widescreen. The first US Release on VHS in English language.

Although Lucio Fulci is better known in the US for horror films this Mogul video was my first introduction to both Fulci and the Italian crime action genre. Fulci directed Contraband a year before THE BEYOND (seven doors of death )
This prolific director took on just about every film genre popular in Italy during the 70's including sex comedies like La Pretora with Edwige Fenech and also the giallo films such as A Lizard in a Woman's Skin. Each of these very different films still bare the directors distinct mark . Contraband brought the horror film type violence and gore to the already seemingly brutal crime genre. Fulci later took on Italian Westerns, Science Fiction, and Sword and Sorcery films as well.
Stars: Fabio Testi (giallo a venezia - revolver ) Ivana Monti - Guido Alberti - Ajita Wilson - Daniele Dublino -Ofelia Meyer - Lucio Fulci - Cinita Lodetti - Romano Puppo - Luciano Rossi -Fabrizio Jovine -
Much more well-known for it exploitive scenes then for its plot. Contraband is a hard driving gory, mob action extravaganza. Set in Naples, Italy. Fabio Testi plays one of two brothers that are part of a cigarette smuggling team. They manage to step on the toes of some cocaine smugglers in Naples. In retaliation they take his girlfriend hostage.

US DVD Release Blueunderground

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Don't Look In The Attic COMING TO DVD La Villa Delle Anime Maledette

Don't Look In The Attic (1982) La Villa Delle Anime Maledette aka
house of the cursed spirits
aka House of the Damned aka The Damned
MOGUL VHS US Video Release 1986 English Dubbed Italian Produced Horror film Color 80mins WIDESCREEN Stars: Beba Loncar - Jean Pierre Aumont - Annarita Grapputo -George Ardisson - Paul Teitcheid - Tonino Campa -
Fausto Lombardi Ileana Fraia

Directed by:
Carlo Ausino
Haunted Horrorr B-Movie
Three relatives inherit a mansion in Turin, Italy. When they move in they discover that it is haunted by the murderous spirits of people who have died there.
Rather forgettable euro-horror except for the performance of Beba Loncar!
US DVD Releae from Televista Label Available 9/11/07
See for Details